Our Staff

Juan Alberto Larrague

Civil Engineer, postgraduate degree in Port Engineering, in the UBA. Specialist in Port Works and Operation, where he has managed many of the most important projects developed in Latin America in the last two decades.

Director of the firm, Consulting Engineer Specialist in the area of ​​Civil, Port and Transportation Engineering.

Martín Tapia

Civil Engineer graduated from La Plata National University. Master degree in Soil Engineering and Foundations at the School of Engineering of Politécnico de Madrid, Spain. Former professor of Static and Strength of Materials in La Plata National University.

Inspector Engineer specialized in Civil and Road Works Management.

Verónica Migoya

Civil Engineer with major in Construction, graduated from Universidad Nacional del Sur in 2003.
She completed a graduate course on Environmental Engineering in 2005 and in 2012 she completed a graduate course in Port Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires.

She works as a Project Engineer for our firm and has been in charge of the environmental engineering works since 2004.

Verónica Russo

Architect graduated from the UBA in 1996. Ex-Former Professor of Structures III, at the School of Architecture, Design and City Planning of the University of Buenos Aires.

Architect specialized in the design of logistics and distribution centers and civil and architecture works.

Sebastián Molina Aristizábal

Junior Civil Engineering degree at the Universidad de La Plata in 2015.

He´s working in the area of Structures and Desing applied to Port and Transport Engineering .

Diego Ygartúa

Civil Engineer specialized in structure calculation, graduated in 2010 from the University of Buenos Aires.
He has worked in the design and reinforced concrete structure calculation office since 2006. He is an assistant
teacher in the foundations chair at the University of Buenos Aires.

He has worked for the firm on design and execution control of reinforced concrete structures.

Lorena Puebla

Business Administration student at the University of Buenos Aires.

Administrative assistant. ISO Standard Coordinator

Our Consultants

Paula Folino – Asesora Estructural

Container yard
Civil Engineer graduated from Buenos Aires University, Doctor in Engineering. Professor at the Materials and Structures Lab of the Engineering School of Buenos Aires University. Research field: failure of high resistance concrete.

Head of the firm PACEFO Ingeniería Estructural.

Structural Engineer specialized on design and assessment of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete.



Alejo Sfriso

Civil Engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Doctor in Engineering. Professor of Soil Mechanics, in charge of the Geotechnics Laboratory, Assistant Professor for Practice Assignments of “Foundations” and Member of the Post-Graduate Program of the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires.

Specialized Engineer, Consultant in geotechnical engineering works, foundations and special metal and reinforced concrete structures.


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